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Lagrasse, Villerouge-Termenès and Termes are three complementary and close sites which we suggest you to visit in the day.

You can visit them in the order which you wish, but below, we detailed a program which we advise more gladly (from April in October 15th)
PS: please please note, the periods of opening and last visit of every site to prepare at best your route. We get free of any responsibilities bound to a timetable change.

Lagrasse opening hours

Villerouge opening hours

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9:30 am / 10 hours: you arrive at Lagrasse, one of the most beautiful villages of France. A stroll in the medieval alleys and a visit of the abbey Benedictine established in IX ° century allow you to discover the heritage of this village dominated in the Middle Ages by the catholic party. The abbey, in the rich architectural directory, is divided into two parts since the revolution of 1789.

12:00 am: restaurants (or snack bars(snacks)) of the village of Lagrasse serve diverse typical dishes of the regional food.

13:30 pm / 14 hours: departure for 30 minutes of road towards Termes.
Stops are possible for Saint-Martin-des-Puits (small opened church), for the castle of Durfort (does not visit) or at the level of the Gorges of Termenet ( natural site) …
14:30 pm: visit and stroll in the nature, on the vestiges of the castle of Termes, this eyrie from which the Lords defended Cathars. The visit allows to evoke the first instrument of repression against Cathars: the crossed army, launched in 1209-1229. The siege of Termes in 1210 is an illustrious episode of this war. The archaeologists search at present the site.

16 hours(4 pm) / 16:30 pm: 20 minutes of road towards Villerouge-Termenès.
16h30 / 17h00 (AT THE LATEST): new change of atmosphere: here is the castle of Villerouge-Termenès, situated in full village, restored, and easily accessible. The audiovisual visit (French, English, Spanish) allows in particular to know the second instrument of repression against the heretics: the inquisition! The history of the last known Cathar "perfect", Guilhem Bélibaste is told.
Return towards Lagrasse, if need, in 20 minutes.

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Visiter le château de Termes
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