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The contents of the visit of the castle of Termes:  

Naturally, the admission ticket allows the access to the monument while supporting its preservation, and the future developments. Because of the difficulty to have a good comprehention of the archeological parts of the castle, and because we want people to know and have a good understanding of the historic siege of 1210, there are several levels of supports to your visit in Termes :

The movie
"Termes, the impregnable citadel ?"

This film (about 13 minutes) was realized by the Departmental Center of Educational Documentation ( CDDP) of the Aude. There are several interviews with specialists : our archaeologist, historians and archivists as well as the president of the "Association de sauvegarde du château de Termes". It's possible to see the movie when you start your visit, inside the reception. With beautiful images, it presents what we know about the castle and it's history. Movie with subtitles in english.

Citerne et film château de Termes

The exhibition
"1210, the siege of the castle of Termes "

Is also located in the reception, but at the first floor. 12 nicely illustrated panels allows to understand the historical context (the beginning of the Albigensian crusade) and the phases of the long siege of Termes.
Maps, contemporary illuminations, drawings of Lionel DUIGOU and a clear text which is translated in english and spanish makes this exhibition. Thanks to it, we guess you will know all about the battle when leaving Termes !

Albigensian Crusade, 1210, Termes, Simon de Montfort, war, drawings, Raimond de Termes
Exposition 1210 le siège du château de Termes
Reconstitution du château de Termes

The "paper-guide":

Visiting the hill of the castle, and the ruins of the monument, includes the loan of our "paper-guide" ! This paper-guide helps you discovering the architecture, the archeolog's work, the surroundings of the castle. Plans and drawings are the basis to your discovery... and it is one of you who makes the explanations ! Friends, family and childs can freely visit, with a well-known guide ! Who loves to be the guide ?
Several languages available, including english of course !

Guide de visite château de Termes
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