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The church of Termes castle in the south of france
Church, Termes

Notre-Dame church of the nativity

    According to the act which divided the castle between the brothers Raymond and Guillaume de Termes in 1163, a new church was built in Termes. But it's not sure if this act talks about this church, because then, the village was up the hill.

What we know is that since the church was built, there have been no significant alterations, apart from the raising of the north wall in 1890 in order to reduce the slope of the roof (on this side some of the original flat stones underneath the canalisation tiles can still be seen). Also, there as the removal of the door from the south to west side (1880) ; the transformation of the windows (19th Century) and the reconstruction of the bell tower at an unknown date (part of the primitive wall belfry steel be seen in the present bell tower). And finaly, in 2009, there was a repair of the roof of the church, and inside, a brought to light of the place, which makes the visit comfortable.

    The building has a single rectangular nave with a flat chevet. The pointed barrel-vaulted sanctuary has three bays. Pilasters support arches band, a moulded cornice runs along the walls and turns back in impost into the pilasters. A chamfered cornice rests on quarter-round corbels on the north and south walls. The doorway is built in the form of a round arch. The bell-tower holds a bell dating from 1541 dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Inside the sanctuary there is a holy water basin resting on corved stones bearing the coat of arms of Pierre de Montbrun, archbishop of Narbonne (1272-1286). Behind the altar there is a 17th Century painting of the Virgin and Child between Saint-Cecile and Saint-Catherine.

   The inside of the church is open for a free visit when the reception of the castle is open : same opeing hours !

The church of Termes castle in the south of france
Church of Termes, Corbières, Aude, visiting inside.
Termes, vilage, Languedoc, Corbières. beautiful and pittoresque village.
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