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The village of Termes castle in the south of france
The village of Termes castle in the south of france
The village of Termes castle in the south of france
Termes, Aude, Cathar country, Sun, South, village
The village of Termes castle in the south of france

Termes, at the foot of the castle hill, on a south facing slope, is in a bend of the river Sou. There are about 50 inhabitants living here and in the farms around. The village is worth a walking and a discovery of it's small streets, where you will find the Church of the Nativity. The overfloow of the watertank above the village flows down the streets, giving a refresched ambiance in this dry Corbières-countryside. 2006 was the year of great workings onto the streets, and the year of a special urbanistic price, because of the quality and originality of it's plan. The flowering-efforts of the people and the municipality where also recognized in 2009 : Termes now has the "Flowered-village"-label, given by the "Comité national des villes et villages fleuries".

The first village of Termes, as you will discover when visiting the castle, was located just near the castle, on the castle hill. Because Olivier de Termes, who still was the lord of that village, sold his rights on it to the french king, in 1257, the royal authorities could make the movement of the village down to the current site. Thus, this village, and probably the church, is not older than 1260, although it remained the centre of the judicial area of Termenès and of a religious area under the supervision of an arch-priest. The village qualified for the title "ville" (=town) until the 17th Century when its importance was reduced by the transfer of the judicial seat to Félines-Termenès.

At the top of the village old threshing floors are still visible in the form of a terrace. These primitive facilities are evidence of the traditional agricultural methods practised until the beginning of the 20th C, in times there were more than 200 people here. Nowadays, thanks to the people visiting the castle, there is some new life in the village, especially around the "Buverte", where can have a drink from april to oktober.

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