Plan, description of the castle of Termes, History of the castle of Termes in cathar country, the lords, the crusade against the cathars, Aude, Albigensian crusade, History of the catharism, holidays in Corbières, Aude, Languedoc-Roussillon, cathar castle, informations cathar castle, visit cathar castle, visit in Aude cathar country - Official website of the castle of Termes in Aude Cathar country. Visits, history, archaeology, Albigensian crusade, history of catharism, visiting cathar castles in the Corbières, near Carcassonne.

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Here you have some maps of the village and the castle, to help you locate things inside and around the castle :

  • the Openstreetmap, with the updated information as we contribute.

  • the map of the castle : as the archeology and masonry workings change things, we try to redraw this precise map.

  • a touristic map of Termes, as it was made in 2012, with link.

Map, plan, castle of Termes, Aude, Cathar country
Plan du village de Termes et du château
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