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"Termes, situated in the territory of Narbonne, five leagues from Carcassonne, was of a strength both surprising and unbelievable. 
It seemed to be completely impregnable".
Pierre des Vaux de Cernay, in 1212

Welcome on the official website of
Termes castle
in Cathar Country

You find Termes castle in the South of France, in the Corbières. We are situated in the " Aude, Cathar Country " area, at 1 hour of Carcassonne, 1 hour of the Mediterranean Sea, and 1 hour of the Pyrenees moutaintops.
The site of Termes includes a charming small village, near two spectacular gorges, and of course, the rests of one of the best known fortresses of the history of the Crusade against the Cathars. We are not far away from the castles of Villerouge-Termenès and Arques nor from the village and abbey of Lagrasse as well...

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Cathar country, cathar castle, Termes, Corbières, Aude. Nature, beauty.
Visit of Termes, castle, village and gorge.
Nature, south of France, Cathar castle, Aude, Languedoc
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